Synergy Law is the place where clients come to build lasting relationships. It is in the very essence of our firm’s foundations that our practices are built around providing perpetual benefits to our clients. In that regard, you will find taking on a case means something much more to us than knowing the legal problem you have at hand. Particularly, with commercial law, we take every step keeping in mind the long-term goals and values of our clients.


This practice sets us apart from other firms providing legal advice and assistance in Afghanistan. It is the driving force of our consultancy services.


When it comes to helping individuals or organizations with necessary legal assistance, the lawyers at Synergy Law will ensure you are legally protected in all your business decisions, or otherwise. Whether you are getting into a partnership contract in a new business venture or thinking about preparing your will to dispose your inheritance in due course, for instance, we will make certain any stipulations in your partnership contract do not deprive your of legal cover.

Similarly, we make sure your decisions will not get you involved in any activity that may be questionable legally. For instance, some aspect of the business you are getting into or an instruction you give in your will for your family may be illegal, and it is our job as your law firm to ensure you have complete legal cover.


Arbitration is the central duty of any good law firm. Since every good law firm is established with the best interests of the client at heart, the practices of your law firm should always be toward giving you the best possible advice for resolving disputes, keeping in mind your long-term goals, your values, and the things you hold dear.

Arbitration is a complex facet of legal practice. At times, this value of ours leads to situations where the client may momentarily feel our advice does not represent their feelings, but, thanks to the bond of friendship we form with our clients and the trust they have in our proven loyalty, they eventually understand we have their best interests in mind.
Our arbitration services are available in all service domains of our legal practices: Criminal, civil, and commercial.


Speaking of commercial law, a vast majority of our services are given to clients who require help with tax clearance. In the re-established legal system of Afghanistan, people and business owners are not very clear about their tax obligations. As your law firm, we take it upon ourselves to provide you the best tax advice and make sure your obligations are taken care of.

In this regard, we provide umbrella services so that you never have to worry about your tax issues again. While you work on things that matter more to you, we take care of all your tax obligations from filing tax returns to making sure you are legally protected from possible taxation lawsuits.


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